1-     Brokerage

The company offers securities trading services to its customers – institutions, funds, or individuals – based on direct buy or sell orders given by investors present in designated trading rooms. An order can also be given through other pre-determined communication channels. The company collects competitive trading commissions of values traded as explained in the table below:


Maximum/per dinar

Minimum/per dinar








A further 0.0022 of value traded is levied by Jordan's key market authorities in addition to the trading tax.

2-     Internet Trading

In light of the rapid technological advancement and its impact on accelerating operations and saving customers' time and effort, Excel Invest has introduced the online trading service. The advanced trading forum allows customers to enter direct buy and sell orders related to their accounts online. It also helps customers inquire about their accounts (cash balances, and securities) easily, securely, and with utmost accuracy.

Subscribing to the online trading service requires customers to fill, sign, and submit a special form, alongside the required documents, to the company's address. A user name and a pass word are generated allowing customers access and inquire about their accounts. Another password for online trading is also generated (upon customer request).

To enable customers to use this service securely and simply, we recommend the following:

-        Installing anti-virus and anti-malware programs and encrypting the personal device used for trading.

-        Keeping passwords safe and ensuring they are not disclosed to anyone. The investor will be solely responsible for any orders issued and later executed using his/her username and password.

-        Ensuring that the software programs installed on the investor's device that are required for running the service such as the operating system, the internet browser, and the anti-virus program are maintained and updated.

-        Ensuring that the investor's device is connected to the internet with no disruptions.

3-     Margin Finance


In efforts to facilitate trading, Excel Invest provides margin trading services to a group of distinguished clients after introducing them to this type of trading and the risks associated with it.


For more information about this services, kindly visit the JSC's website:



4-     Financial Advisory


The company offers financial advisory services to its customers against pre-determined fees through:

-        Extending direct financial to customers

-        Preparing brochures or specialized studies upon request – that are related to investments and securities trading

-        Offering financial advisory services to portfolios and investment funds.


5- Investment Trusteeship

Excel Invest offers investment trusteeship against pre-determined fees. These include:

-        Following up on and monitoring the customers' investments to ensure meeting the specified investment policy and goals for the benefit of the investor. The investment plan and goals shall be set out in the investment management contract signed between the investor and the investment manager, in accordance with issued laws, bylaws, regulations and related decisions.

-        Providing investment trusteeship services for mutual funds.


6- Investment Management

The company provides investment management services against pre-determined management and performance fees. These services include:

-        Portfolio management services (on discretionary basis). Under this arrangement, the portfolio shall be managed in line with the investment policy of the account owner as per the investment management contract, which also states the powers and duties of the investment manager.


-        Investment manager for mutual funds.

7- Other Financial Services

Excel Invest, in coordination with the mother company (Bank of Jordan), provides the following service:

-        Issuance Management

Issuance manager activities encompass issuing securities and marketing them on behalf of the issuer. This covers preparing the prospectus, and the studies and procedures needed for the issuance, registration, and coverage of the securities, through undertaking the following:

-        Due diligence: a thorough due diligence review needs to be conducted in order to attract investors for the stocks on offer without giving any assurance or commitment pertaining to the sale of a certain volume of securities that will be issued.


-        Underwriting: due diligence is required to attract buyers for the stocks on offer with a pledge to purchase a portion of or all the securities issued at a predetermined price. This will be in accordance with the underwriting agreement concluded between the company and the issuer.