* What are the capital market associations and what functions does perform?

1- Jordanian Securities Commission: A Commission known as the (Securities Commission) shall be established, and shall have a legal personality with financial and administrative autonomy, and it response for: 

  1. Regulating and monitoring the issuance of securities and dealing therein;
  2. Insuring full and accurate disclosure by Issuers of the material information necessary to investors and relevant to the public issuance of securities.
  3. Regulating and monitoring disclosure including the periodic reports prepared by Issuers.
  4.  Regulating licensing and registration and monitoring the activities of Licensed and Registered Persons in the capital market
  5. Regulating and monitoring the Stock Exchange and Trading Markets in Securities
  6. Regulating and monitoring the Center
  7. Regulating Mutual Funds and Investment Companies

2- A Stock Exchange known as the Amman Stock Exchange shall be established in the Kingdom, and shall have a legal personality with financial and administrative autonomy. As such, it may acquire and dispose of movable and immovable property to achieve its objectives, carry out all legal acts, enter into contracts and shall have the right to sue and be sued and to authorize any attorney to act on its behalf in legal proceedings.

The membership of the Amman Stock Exchange shall consist of Financial Brokers and Dealers and any other entities designated by the Board. Its general assembly shall consist of members who have paid their subscription and annual membership fees, whereby each member of the general assembly shall have one vote in the general assembly's meetings.

3- Securities depository center: the functions assigned to the SDC by the Securities Law No. (76) of 2002 which include registration, safe-keeping and securities ownership transfers, deposit securities and clearance and settlement of trades conducted through the market, the SDC is the central registry and securities depository for all securities issued in Jordan. The SDC is also the National Numbering Agency for all Jordanian securities and allocates ISIN codes according to the ISO Standards.

* What is the trading unit in Amman stock exchange?

It is one share except "Arab bank" company stock which trading unit is 18 shares